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Renovation of the Tampa General Hospital Foundation Office

Recently, we interviewed Frann Richards, the Chief Development Officer and Sr. Vice President of Development of the Tampa General Hospital Foundation about the project completed for their office in 2020.

Recently, we sat down with Frann Richards, the Chief Development Officer and Sr. Vice President of Development of the Tampa General Hospital Foundation to discuss their redesign of the Tampa General Hospital Foundation office. Frann shared her thoughts on the project with Workscapes saying “I’m so happy to share the experience we had with Workscapes… The culture that we built in the Foundation was really one of transparency and openness, and joy. We knew the space had to reflect that. It’s kind of hard to translate onto paper as you’re talking about floorplans, and wall coverings, and furnishings, but somehow as we shared this information with the team at Workscapes, they came back with a proposal that really met exactly what we were trying to accomplish… Having this space to bring our donors, our hospital leadership, all of our stakeholders and friends, it’s a feeling of joy walking them in the door. Everyone is in awe and it has more than exceeded our expectations!”

Another key element that Frann indicated as a top priority for the Tampa General Hospital Foundation was making sure their team members felt safe, comfortable, and happy to be here during their work days, telling us “This space is so beautiful that many of our team members are happier here than many are probably in their own homes!” She went on to say that the comfortable space helps give them the confidence they [the team] need to do their jobs well.

The goal of the Workscapes team was to provide a timeless space that would stand the test of time, but would also reflect the innovation and mission of Tampa General Hospital. Frann continued, “The marriage between the two [timelessness and innovation] has been more than accomplished with what we ended up with. This space will live on for years and years to come as being still very stylish, very fun, and very forward thinking with the mid-century twist that we wanted.”
We discussed the process with Frann and asked what stood out in particular within Workscapes process and she told us “As a leader in an organization at Tampa General, we really put a lot of pride in putting a considerable amount of vigor into decisions we make when we are hiring vendors. After meeting with several providers within our area, we knew from the very beginning that Workscapes was going to be different. I will tell you that having done office openings in the past, I have a great deal of experience doing these and from the moment we met them, throughout the entire process, it was such a delight. The Workscapes team heard what we were wanting, they adapted everything they offered us to be exactly what we were looking for. It’s like the designers were all speaking our language. And then to the time to do the install, after facing contractor problems and delays, the Workscapes team was incredibly understanding and worked with us to make sure the furniture delivery was installed within a timely manner, that everything was installed beautifully, if we had questions they were answered, and if we had changes they were made with a smile on the Workscapes teams faces.”

We are proud to have been a part of creating a space for the Tampa General Hospital Foundation to thrive. Our goal is always not just to provide furniture, but to provide a space that allows companies to maximize their potential. We hope this space will continue to serve them for many years moving forward!

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