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Creating great spaces to work, learn, and heal

Build|scapes comes to you in partnership with technology driven manufacturers to help you customize your interior space. We understand that traditional construction is fraught with delays, labor shortages, and cost overruns.

We are an expert team that embraces design, performance, speed, sustainability and long term adaptability. In conjunction with our partners, we leverage to simplify the face of construction with the ultimate goal to achieve qualitative environments on time and on budget.

We provide acoustical, glazing, millwork, raised flooring, ceiling, power and network solutions to your space. We are proud partners of DIRTT and TURF among many other interior construction product lines.

Decision Makers Fear Making Costly Mistakes

When it comes to building out a new space, most businesses struggle to future-proof & incorporate technology without spending a fortune or risking obsolescence. Understandably, decision-makers fear making costly mistakes, delays in construction and risk having to re-build later as needs evolve.

Building Spaces To Match Your Mission

Our experienced professionals use Revit, AutoCAD and ICE to provide technical drawings and specifications. ICE looks and acts like a 3D video game where you can explore and modify your design. Behind the scenes, it’s doing the heavy lifting of specifying, pricing and actually building the elements you design. If you make a change, all that data changes in real-time. What you see is what you get to the penny and within a decimal point of a millimeter, automatically.

Ryan Lamos

Andrea Houser

Steven Zanetos

Build Better With Us.

At Build-Scapes, we’ve helped thousands of organizations like yours with our simple 3-step process: Discover, Design, Deliver.
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