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Our financial solutions free you to achieve an office that’s right for your business now, without upfront expense

People drive business forward. When they have a workplace that connects and inspires them, they contribute their best work. We’ve partnered with LEAF Commercial Capital to bring you Herman Miller Financial Solutions. LEAF’s expertise in financing combined with our knowledge of work can give you an office that inspires your people to do their best work.

  • 100% Financing: Unlike bank financing, which often requires a 20 percentdown payment and excludes soft costs (such as installationand shipping), we can finance the whole project.
  • Maximize Capital: Your monthly payments donot affect your establishedline of credit, cash reserves, orrequire a compensating depositbalance. You have more capitalfor your business.
  • Inflation Friendly: As costs go up over the term ofyour contract, you pay the samerate as when you began. Thatstretches your dollars and givesyou more access to the cash inyour business.
  • Cash Flow Flexibility: Tailoring payment terms andstructures to match uniqueneeds, such as seasonality,expansion plans, or revenuecycles, lets you get more out ofyour space and your budget.
  • Accounting Benefits: Balance sheet considerations,such as operational versuscapital expenditures, areimportant decisions wheninvesting in your business.We help you design afinancing solution that bestfits your accounting and taxrequirements.

You know the best strategy for moving your business forward. You now have choices for a financial solution that helps carry your business into the future. Contact us for more information.

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