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Order Management

We help streamline the specifying and ordering of your furnishings to reduce your purchasing costs, improve your order accuracy, and shorten your order cycles.

Choosing products and vendors takes time and effort—both of which are limited resources that you could spend in other ways. We can evaluate vendors and conduct bidding and negotiations with potential vendors to ensure that you receive optimum terms of purchase.

We’ll prepare your order with layout and design, bill of materials, and pre-order set-up. Or, you can use our online transaction capability–our powerful digital ordering system that allows you to share order information seamlessly. You can quickly, accurately, and easily purchase products for all your locations, track your orders, and communicate your needs to us or one of our fellow Certified Dealer Network members. It also enables you to display your specific furniture standards, pricing, and preferences for services such as space planning and design, delivery, and installation.

Once your order is in process, we establish manufacturing schedules and shipping logistics to conform to your project schedule and construction progress. We monitor your order in conjunction with manufacturers. Then we receive and inspect your product to ensure accuracy.

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