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Your Guide to Commercial Flooring

Flooring is a crucial part of any interior design and can easily make or break your space. While our first interaction with a space is visual, the first physical contact a person will have with your space is the flooring.

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When it comes to choosing the flooring for your commercial space, there’s a lot more to consider than most think. There are many types of flooring varying in durability, install time and price point. Design aspects are also important when choosing your flooring. For most applications, life cycle cost is the best way to determine which flooring product is the most suitable. When it comes to the office, durability is important, but not the primary concern.

Product selection is commonly driven by design considerations and architectural details.

Questions to ask yourself

What is your goal with this flooring system?

Do you have a showroom that needs to impress, or it is just internal employees and longevity is more important? Are people on their feet and need something comfortable? Once you nail down your application and durability needs, the choice becomes much easier.

How much downtime can you handle?

Not all flooring is created equal! Different types of flooring installations can take significantly longer than others. Be sure to pin down how much time you can afford to be under construction before falling in love with a flooring type.

What would your employees want?

It’s no secret that Gen Z is taking the workplace by storm. They are a generation looking for aesthetic spaces that are also making a difference. Are there sustainable choices in flooring that also look good? Do you want something trendy or something more timeless? Factor your employees into the process, and show them you consider their preferences.

Top Commercial Flooring Choices

Quarry tiles: a cost-effective flooring option for back-of-house spaces such as receiving areas, corporate kitchens, or spaces where function trumps form.

Carpet tiles: versatile and can be integrated almost anywhere in the office. While carpet tiles are more expensive than broadloom carpets, they can withstand heavy traffic and are easier to maintain throughout their life.

Terrazzo: a highly durable product that will sustain its lustrous appearance for decades if properly cleaned and maintained.

Luxury Vinyl Tile: one of the most versatile office flooring materials out there. LVT products are created to imitate almost every premium flooring material, such as porcelain tile, hardwood, marble, and other materials.

Want to learn more?

Reach out to our flooring division to learn more about the best flooring options for your space.

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