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Rapid Prefab Construction for Emergency Response

Quicker, cleaner construction for healthcare.

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In response to COVID-19, many health systems across North America will require renovations or new/temporary facilities to meet overwhelming patient care needs. Build-scapes and DIRTT are ready to partner with healthcare providers to rapidly design, manufacture and install a variety of healthcare interiors. DIRTT’s approach to healthcare construction allows interiors to be manufactured in 21 days or less in controlled factories with extreme precision. Components are shipped to site for a clean and seamless install. The result is unprecedented speed, allowing healthcare facilities to get up and running faster to service patients.

DIRTT is designed for disassembly, ensuring quicker maintenance and easy adjustments as conditions change. Although they can function as permanent interiors, DIRTT solutions can be repurposed to support different requirements in the future. This secures your investment and gives you the ability to adapt to changing needs.

Interior Solutions

  • Walls, Doors, & Millwork
    • Durable finishes applied offsite.
    • Clean, non-disruptive installs.
  • Flexible Medical Gas
    • Reduces schedules.
    • Adaptive for future changes.
  • Infection Prevention & Control
    • Gasketed and sealed system.
    • Easy to clean.
  • Modular Power
    • Pre-wired in DIRTT factories.
    • Quick-connect installation.
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DIRTT can be used to renovate existing facilities, retrofit trailers or convert open spaces to meet emergency requirements.

  • Renovations
    • Transition existing lower acuity units to high acuity units
    • Repurpose administration spaces to triage or overflow areas
    • Convert cold shell spaces to isolation rooms, triage or overflow areas
  • Temporary Facilities: Structure/trailer by others, interior construction by DIRTT
    • Triage, treatment and administration spaces
    • Drive-through testing and labs stations
    • Isolation rooms

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