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Flooring Design Trends for 2023

When entering an office space, the first thing you can discover about a company’s culture is the ambiance and mood created by their interior.

In the new year, employers are seeking to create a desirable workplace. Part of this will include keeping up or staying ahead of the new design trends. While neutral, beige aesthetic was all the rage for a past few years, color is coming back into homes and the workplace. Many companies are realizing the importance of using the correct color palette in a space. Whether you are trying to promote collaboration or focus, using the correct colors in flooring will help to complete the look.

Impactful Patterns

Minimalism has been growing in popularity over the last few years but, we are finally starting to see the shift back to a livelier environment. We expect to see an increase in the use of patterns featuring bold shapes and colors when choosing flooring in 2023. To energize the workplace, many will be making the switch from monotone to bright and bold floors.

Choosing Meaningful Colors

Colors can subconsciously influence the way we think and feel, creating a huge impact on the way we work. Color is used all around us in the media as a marketing tactic. For example, deep shades of blue are used to indicated integrity, dependability, calmness, and tranquility- which is why you will see it used on many logos and ads for financial institutions. Bright colors, especially yellows and oranges, send happy and upbeat signals to the brain. We project seeing many blue and citrusy shades being used in 2023. The neutral grey and beige trend will be heading out and color will be more incorporated to positively influence our spaces. Using certain colors in flooring can have a massive impact on the way an area feels. Using blue shades in a focus area can help to promote serenity and focus. Using bright colors in collaborative areas can help to stimulate the mind and promote creativity.

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