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Prefabrication in Healthcare

Healthcare needs are ever changing. The bottom line is that traditional construction can't keep up. Modular construction allows your facilities to change as the needs of your clients change.

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While everyone was affected by the pandemic, the healthcare industry took the hardest hit. Some facilities were prepared for the onslaught of patients, but others were not. Every facility, regardless of preparation, had to pivot.

With healthcare, preparation is key. Your facilities need to be agile enough to change quickly when the need arises. With modular construction, change is easy!

The Expense of Traditional Construction

With traditional construction, changing your facility to accommodate new needs can take weeks, months, and in some cases years to change. Every day of downtime costs money, and without the income from clients, healthcare facilities suffer.

With prefabrication, materials can be reused and reconfigured quickly, sometimes even overnight! The ability to change your layout to accommodate arising needs can save thousands, even millions of dollars. Depending on the reconfigure, minimal to no permitting may be required.

Saving Lives

Imagine this: an ICU with curtains separating beds. This may have been fine before the pandemic, but the free flow of ventilation can cost lives. Every day spent building out walls and doors to control ventilation could also cost lives, as those beds are crucial.

Enter DIRTT. With DIRTT's cutting edge technology, measurements can be taken quickly and precisely and sent directly to the manufacturing plant with a turnaround time of 21 days or less. Then up goes the walls over a weekend and just like that, lives are being saved.

Sound fantastical? It's not. It's exactly what we did at the Tampa General Hospital ICU bay.

DIRTT in action

Read about the renovation of the TGH ICU Bay to see how DIRTT can save lives.

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