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Tampa General Hospital ICU Renovation

Workscapes Works with Tampa General Hospital to Renovate ICU and Mitigate COVID-19 Spread

We are excited to announce the completion of a project with Tampa General Hospital. We are a full-service office interiors company, and while our biggest division is furniture, our interior construction division Build-Scapes is continuing to grow. This project was lead by our Build-Scapes division. This project included DIRTT glass walls for seventeen ICU bays. Previously each bay had a privacy curtain, however in a post-pandemic world Tampa General needed glass to block air circulation between bays due to the contagiousness of COVID-19. The glass also provides additional noise privacy for patients and allows for easy monitoring of patients with the option of a curtain to offer visual privacy. Along with the glass bays, the DIRTT infection prevention gaskets that were installed are designed specifically for healthcare settings, which makes the wall into one solid surface for easy cleaning, leaving no nooks and crannies where germs and bacteria can hide.

With the utilization of DIRTT’s prefabricated construction and a lead time of about a month, this project was completed in two installs in the span of about five days. This quick turnaround allowed Tampa General Hospital to continue using the ICU bays with little to no disruption. There was also minimal construction due to the prefabricated nature of the project, with the only construction for the project being to the ductwork to accommodate the new rooms. Although the facility was an older building resulting in dips and variance in the level of the floor, DIRTT products have high tolerance and adjustability so no additional work was needed.

We enjoy working with clients from all markets, but this project is especially important with COVID-19 numbers rising nationally. We are proud of the work we are doing, especially when it comes to our healthcare facilities. Thank you to Tampa General Hospital for helping to #ElevateTampa

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