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Inspiring Creativity at Work

Everyone’s creative process is different. That’s why it’s important to offer people a variety of spaces where they can come together to be their most productive.

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When designing a workplace that will encourage a creative boost, consider the following three things to check off your list.

1. Enhance Collaboration

Community spaces within the office invite people to gather. When people feel comfortable when they get together, they are more likely to share ideas and help each other solve problems- two great ways to spark innovation.

2. Provide Privacy

In an open office, noise control, privacy, and the ability to focus are the top concerns. It's crucial to find ways to enhance work that requires focus as well as implement a level of noise control for those who need complete quiet to concentrate.

3. Encourage Socializing

There should be a bright, centrally located space that draws people away from their desks throughout the day. Residential vibes entice people to take a few moments to relax and enjoy time with colleagues.

Challenging the status quo has become paramount, as it opens up avenues for employees to present unique solutions for standard problems.

Creativity at Work

Read the Creativity at Work white paper from Herman Miller on how to create workplaces that are designed to help people feel more creative and connected to each other.

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Inspire creativity at work

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