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“Exhibiting” a New Approach to Workplace Design

Adapting to evolving workplace dynamics, diverse workforce demographics, and decreasing enthusiasm for returning to physical offices is challenging in today’s climate.

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To tackle this, companies are innovating to make offices engaging and enjoyable. One key inspiration comes from museums and exhibit design.

Modern office design now draws from multi-dimensional, immersive museum exhibits, which use space, light, sound, art, technology, and scent to create unique shared experiences. This trend reflects a societal shift towards valuing experiences over material items.

Designers are now asking the question, “why limit engaging experiences to personal time?”. Imagine workplaces where technology enables collaborative, exclusive experiences beyond video calls and desk work. Immersive experiences can communicate a company's mission and create branded experiences that instill purpose and connectivity among employees. Purposeful work is more important than ever, both for individual fulfillment and collective impact.

Creating immersive experiences involves storytelling, participation, and interaction, using multisensory displays that range from high-tech setups to tactile experiences like gamification and interactive surfaces. These can soothe, energize, and stimulate creativity by breaking daily routines and encouraging play. They don't have to be extravagant; multisensory displays can vary in scale and technology. Companies can strategically implement these experiences in entryways, collaboration rooms, and social spaces.

Regularly refreshing exhibits keep the environment dynamic and exciting. Simple updates like changing display content, colors, or physical configurations maintain curiosity and engagement.

Museums have long used immersive techniques to create memorable experiences. It's time to bring this approach to office design, fostering interpersonal interactions and enhancing the workplace. Companies that invest in wonder, creativity, and engagement will attract and retain employees and clients, ensuring long-term success.

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