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Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters

For organizations, setting—and achieving—CSR goals is a way to show your business is doing what’s right for profitability, the environment, and society.

We’ve seen corporate social responsibility (CSR) on the rise over the last few years. Large organizations will sponsor a race that benefits a specific cause, banks offer scholarships, and companies will take full days off to give back to the community.

There is no specific model for corporate social responsibility. Anything that can be attributed to giving back can fall under its umbrella. Having a CSR strategy began as a form of moral obligation, but as of late companies are engaging just to keep up. It’s not hard to see why- the benefits that come with CSR are worth noting. There are direct benefits, such as increased sales, or indirect, such as brand recognition and increased goodwill.

Potential clients and employees now factor in a commitment to the community as an indicator of an organization’s commitment to them. When forming a CSR strategy, be sure to listen to what your employees are passionate about. Do you see any trends in the responses? Would any of the causes make sense for your organization to partner with? A CSR strategy will only be successful if the people executing it daily believe in it as well.

Finally, make sure it’s measurable. Set up a framework that will help you know just how well you are doing. Be sure to include results on various levels of communication, from press releases, annual reports, or your website. It doesn’t matter how large or small your organization is. Find what works for you in terms of CSR strategy, implement it, and benefit from it!