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Workplace Trends Towards Resilience

The future of the office will continue to be shaped by resilient office designs with office arrangements oriented towards employees.

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Pre-pandemic, centralized office locations were the norm. Employees worked alongside each other and had interactions all day long. A greater autonomy exists today which creates more thought into how, where, and when individuals want to work.

We’ve gone from cubicles to an open office setup to now somewhere in between. As we’ve spent time studying the office, we’ve concluded that one size does not fit all. There is a mix of both open and closed spaces to accommodate the varied work styles of each employee. The design goal of the office has shifted from efficiency to resilience as companies want to be able to respond to disruptions quickly.

The workplace is now, more than ever, a resource for meeting and collaborating. When people choose to work from an office, it is because they are committed to the creative work that is difficult to recreate remotely. Open offices are being sectioned into different activity-based workstations. From private offices to touchdown areas, there are various zones needed in a space to further employee support. It may seem daunting, but through simple space planning a swap of furniture transforms a lounge space to a team room.

Working from anywhere is now an extension of the office. Since employees can now take their work wherever they choose, embracing the flexible work model is essential to fostering a workplace that is both engaging and autonomous. Work has become about the people, not the place.

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