Women of Influence

This spring we will be showcasing inspiring women in their respective industries. We will be looking at their footprint both in the industry and community. These women are known to be thought leaders; clearing the way forward in Workplaces today!

As we continue our Women of Influence campaign, we sat down and interviewed one of our own, Christie Hill. She serves as the Market President of our Jacksonville market, and has been with Workscapes since 1999. She is a true leader in the industry, and we hope you are as inspired by her as we are each day!

How long have you been in the industry?

I will celebrate 23 years with Workscapes this August! I joined the company in 1999 when we had about 6,000 sq. feet of space in Winter Park, Florida. Prior to that I was at Commons Medical, a total turn-key design build firm that built medical facilities throughout the southeast. I was there for 4 years, starting in 1995. My first experience in the industry was Ewing Noble Interiors, a high-end residential interior design firm for 7 years. So, wow, 34 years of experience – how time flies!

What is your favorite thing about the industry you are in?

It never stays the same, it is always changing. That's what keeps it so interesting, it honestly feels like a new job every day. Plus, the energy I get from my clients is unmatched. Each client is looking for something a little different, and it's a new challenge with every project. Right now, many seem to have a focus on talent retention and how to differentiate themselves as an employer to attract the best talent. Others are trying to determine how to better allocate their real estate. Every opportunity is unique and keeps me energized.

What changes have you begun to see, and what changes are you looking forward to seeing?

While it is not my favorite way to meet (I prefer in person!) virtual seems to have become the norm. Meeting online has provided opportunities to communicate and present differently and can help expedite the process. Our leadership team shares intel gathered from customer feedback to industry professionals and publications. Whether it be hybrid workplace strategy or overcoming other specific challenges, we strive to be in front, leading our team to new solutions that we can share and implement. .

What would be your advice to other women in the workplace?

Listen first to understand. You can't change others, but you can change how you communicate with them.