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The Workplace Revamp Starts with the Lobby

With the lobby being the first and last impression, you need to create an inviting and appealing space, to draw in employees and customers.

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First impressions set a tone, while creating and changing mindsets. The lobby is the first impression for employees. In other terms, the entrance of a workplace sets the tone for you daily. It should be a welcoming space that encourages you and visitors to relax or have a conversation. Fostering an overwhelming, dark, and cold room affects people as they dread walking into work and creates a poor first impression. Since the lobby is the first and last place people see, it must make a lasting impression.

Where to Start the Change?

Transforming the entire workspace is a daunting project for some companies. Creating changes in the lobby is an easy segue. As you return from remote work, a welcoming space helps generate a positive attitude that transforms into the quality of your work. The change will allow companies to create an office, that fosters collaboration and communication among employees. Even if your company has a large lobby, you can start by changing furniture or the wall color and then progress from there. A buzz of something new within the space will be enough to spark some advancement in the workplace.

Why should you transform?

With COVID-19 causing people to shift towards working from home, companies are challenged with making the office feel homey. By integrating the company’s culture, brand, and technology, you will be able to create a space that everyone can enjoy. Employees and visitors entering the office will be able to understand the work environment quickly after entering the lobby space. Understanding the needs and wants of employees will help transform the lobby into a place you enjoy walking into every day. Creating this space can help facilitate teamwork and will build a space that feels like home in some way for employees. These strides of change will show a company cares about your well-being and want work to be enjoyable.

How Change is Possible

While many office spaces have been around for decades, change is still possible. Tearing down offices takes a toll on your wallet and the environment. To avoid this, you can create simple changes in flooring, furniture, wall color, and other small interior changes, making a big difference. Change looks different depending on the space and budget limitations. Updating furniture can create eye-appealing changes without creating a huge expense. By placing new and comfortable furniture in the lobby, you will be more inclined to use the space.

As time has progressed, preferences and styles have come and gone, yet offices do not regularly adapt. Seeing the same workspace daily for decades can become a drag, especially when the space is outdated and uncomfortable. Change helps people see things in a new light and helps stray away from complacency. Once companies can take a step back and look at the endless possibilities of change in their lobby, they can begin to develop a plan. Designers can take their space and create change based on their needs and workplace activities. Creating a flexible space which will be useful for years to come is ideal for companies so they will not have to update again anytime soon.

Who Needs a Revamp?

Everyone could use a revamp! Times have changed since Covid-19, and work life is also changing, which means all industries need to keep up. Healthcare lobby revamping is essential to accommodate social distancing. Patients and their families value a pleasant waiting experience in a stressful environment. When doctors provide a comfortable space, you will feel safe and relaxed while waiting for appointments. The lobby space of a law firm, elementary school, and everything in between could benefit from a revamp. By doing this, they will be able to draw in new customers and create a place people enjoy. Small changes can go a long way and have a bigger impact on a company than one may think or see.

Space Planning and Design

So, you’re ready to transform your space but don’t know where to begin? Contact us today to start the process.

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