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2023 Trends

With this year coming to a close, it's time to look ahead and see what is trending for the office space in 2023.

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Staying on top of workplace trends will not only help companies learn from the past to better the present, they will also help organization leaders and employees prepare for what is coming next.

Tech Advancements- AI in the Workplace

Workplace technologies will likely become easier to use, accessible to everyone, and intuitive to support team collaboration and work. Organizations are increasingly thinking about how to make work more accessible to increase productivity. Voice search technology like Siri and Alexa, has grown rapidly over the past decade, and 41% of adults and 55% of teens now use voice search on a daily basis. This kind of Artificial Intelligence is faster than typing and voice technology could get out of the house and into the workplace by 2023.

The use of the Metaverse in the workplace is another new development in the tech industry. While some will embrace it in full force, many are weary of this replacing in person meetings. In 2023, companies will either embrace it by getting VR sets in their workspaces or dismiss this trend all together.

Workplace Trends- Remote work & Company Values

According to a recent Resume Builders survey, nine in 10 companies will require employees to work from an office in 2023. Of the companies that currently allow employees to work fully remote, 73% said they will “definitely” (28%) or “likely” (45%) change their work location policy within 6 months. Why is this changing when workers are satisfied with their new hybrid and remote working methods? The reason for returning to the office can be due to the amount of money that organizations lose by choosing to keep the office without people in them. A better solution could be keeping the office open at full capacity a few days a week - or perhaps even close the office and allow employees who want to work in-person to rent a desk. ​

When work is such an integral part of life, it's not hard to imagine why employees want the company they work for to share their values. Culture, equity, and social impact are important, especially for young people looking to make a difference in the world. A survey by McKinsey & Company found that employees are five times more likely to want to work at a company that spends time thinking about its impact on the world. According to Great Resignation Report 2.0, 86% of employees said it is very important (50%) or important (36%) that their work aligns with their values ​​and aspirations.

How to Prepare

To prepare your space for the projected trends of 2023, start bringing in new technology. Try out Alexa and other voice AI systems in the office to help boost productivity. These systems can be integrated with the TVs, lights, computers, and other systems that likely exist in your space already. Learn and become comfortable with the use of these in the workplace before making huge investments. Prepare your space for the future and to maximize productivity in the office. If you’re thinking of asking employees to come back full time, they should not feel like their productivity is lower due to gaps in technology from home to work. Workscapes can help with space planning that maximizes productivity and keeps your employees in a position to do their best work.

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