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Why Task Chairs Make the Best Gifts

High-performance work chairs empower the body, so people stay comfortable as they work.

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By understanding people’s unique activities and needs, it’s easy to choose a chair with the right level of comfort for work. A chair should fit the body like a piece of clothing. Ideally, a work chair should provide the personal fit of a shirt or a pair of pants. People shouldn’t be required to “wear” chairs that are too big or too small. We’ve talked plenty about the future of work and what it entails. To design an engaging workplace, you can’t leave out the importance of seating.

Ergonomic seating solutions can minimize healthcare costs for your employees while simultaneously increasing productivity by properly supporting the back and encouraging healthy posture. Herman Miller’s performance seating collection is designed to respond to your body’s every move to let you focus on the task at hand. The chairs are backed by decades of ergonomic research, experimentation, and analysis and designed for your comfort, from the 9-to-5 and beyond. 115 years of expertise comes together for high design and superior comfort. With the continuing evolution of the home work place, your office chair needs to be able to do it all. It needs to double as a spot for long conference calls as well as a spot for the kids to crawl up in your lap for story time. Some of us are studying, some are teaching, some are running a creative studio. No matter the remote task at hand, Herman Miller has a chair for everyone and everybody.

With the holidays just around the corner, a Herman Miller performance seating chair is a fantastic gift for a loved one. This gift won’t only keep them comfy while they accomplish their goals at work, but keep them happy, productive, and most importantly, healthy. Reach out to Workscapes, your local Herman Miller dealership to find out what the right chair for you or your loved one today.

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