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Office Experiences: Individual Focus

Choosing remote work may mean sacrificing individual focus. For those with employees returning to the office, it's important to make sure the space is a welcome reprieve.

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What creative space solutions have you tried out while working remotely? Most people, if asked, admitted to having trouble recreating an office environment for them to get their work done. Unless you are a rare case of someone living alone with an extra room or two, sacrifices were made. Spare bedrooms became classrooms, gyms, offices, or all three at the same time! And for those of us without a room to spare, the realities of children, roommates, or extended family have made it difficult to even find a corner to work in—let alone actually finding focus.

Research from Herman Miller shows that there are three core experiences best supported by the office. For those with hectic homes, it is not surprising that individual focus is one of these core experiences.

Between kids, extended family, needy pets, and loud partners, finding a place to escape to focus is hard. Coming into the office can be a welcome retreat for those struggling to complete tasks that require longer periods of attention.

High density and open floor plans grew in popularity in the pre-pandemic era, but make sure you have areas that can provide a respite for concentration and focused work. The right spatial setup can be a welcome reprieve for many of your workers.

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