Future of the Office

Looking Forward

The leveling effect of a global pandemic touches every aspect of life: home, work, and all the places in between. At Workscapes, we believe that problem-solving, human-centered design means supporting people wherever they are.

Future of work

The pandemic had a leveling effect as every aspect of life was touched. Mindsets toward almost everything was changed, including the workplace. Looking toward the future, the workplace has become and will continue to evolve into a more human-centered, problem-solving design to support people wherever they are.

Work can happen from anywhere, so the purpose of an office is changing. The new goal for organizations will need to become finding ways to support people wherever they are. Workers may choose to work from the office, home, and beyond for different reasons.

There are three important shifts that workplaces everywhere must make to remain relevant. Here at Workscapes, we'll be there to help augment your workplace strategy to help your people do their best work- wherever that may take place for them.

1. From forced acceptance to strategic advantage; How a hybrid strategy promotes inclusivity and equity of experience.

From working styles to parenting responsibilities, factors that influence worker’s productivity and engagement change on a weekly and even daily basis.

A “hybrid strategy” gives employees autonomy to choose where they will work on a given day based on the factors that influence their productivity and engagement. This creates a more equitable experience for the needs of a highly diverse workforce.

2. From substantial expense to competitive edge; How offices facilitate three key activities that are not supported elsewhere

With an office being a substantial overhead expense, reevaluating the purpose of a physical space is a must. As technology, ways of working, and a virus changed the office landscape dramatically, the office was shown to be key in three specific experiences:

  1. Community Socialization
  2. Team Collaboration
  3. Individual Focus

Create a space where your employees feel supported by the environment rather than beholden to it by supporting these three experiences.

3. From floorplate flexibility to user adaptability; How user control is a new expectation for returning office workers

Most of the workforce who has been working from home have become accustomed to having control over their environment. From adjusting furniture, moving settings, and changing layouts, workers will expect to be able to adjust their environments to meet their needs of the day.

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