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Education: An Ever-Changing Landscape

Tech advances, student generations change, and new curriculums come to fruition. And that change was accelerated during the pandemic, forcing education institutions to rapidly adapt their experiences.

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As we look to the future, the best way for spaces to stay relevant is by creating them with the ability to evolve over time. Education and construction have two things in common- they usually do things in the traditional sense. A change in our world is forcing a change in the way we do things, including how we build our education spaces. So how does prefabrication play in?

  1. Condensed schedules: Modular construction facilities can complete projects on rapid timelines. Schools can be limited to when they can remodel environments. Being able to transform space during the short winter or summer breaks means limited downtime.
  2. Adaptability: Prefab spaces are designed and built with flexibility to ensure they can adapt over time. As learning styles and technology continue to evolve, our spaces need to keep up the pace.
  3. Technology integration: Technology plays an even larger role in today’s learning, and it’s only going to continue. Working with prefab solutions makes it easier to integrate the right technology to support students and faculty.
  4. Customization: You can design down to writable surfaces and custom graphics. It’s an architect’s dream, to be able to be so specific and have it achieved in a controlled environment. It makes it easy to design a space that truly reflects your organization and meets your desired functions.

We are living in a very different world to the one our schools and universities were designed to serve. Education needs to equip today’s young people with the skills to thrive in tomorrow’s world. Let's start with the spaces they inhabit.

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