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Autonomy at Work

Motivate people to do their best by creating a workplace that fosters autonomy.

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Put Autonomy to Work

We all want autonomy—the freedom to choose for ourselves and take initiative. When given the license to decide how and where they work, people are happier, more committed, and perform better. One study found that companies that encourage autonomy outperform those that don’t by 17 percent.[1]

Here are three things you can do to encourage autonomy in your workplace:

  1. Be Purposeful
    Motivate people to do their best by giving them the freedom to choose from a variety of settings tailored to support specific work activities.
  2. Be Flexible
    Empower people to fine-tune these settings by providing furnishings they can arrange and adjust.
  3. Be Supportive
    Accommodate alternative work arrangements with a workplace that gracefully handles daily fluctuations in the number of employees.

Autonomy at Work

Read the Autonomy at Work white paper from Herman Miller on how to create workplaces that give people the freedom to choose where and how they accomplish their goals.

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