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Allocating your Facilities Budget

You have a limited amount of money to spend on facilities improvement. Using data could be the answer to ensuring you use this budget most effectively.

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You have a limited amount of money to spend on facilities improvement. So how do you make sure to use this most effectively? How do you make sure what you are investing in will help your team be most effective? Having representative data from your team to make effective decisions could be the key.

Hopewell Align

Hopewell has applied the concepts of consumer research to the workplace experience. Their workplace assessments have highly researched and tailored questions about the practices, tools, and environments of the workplace. With their assessments, you can have highly actionable data that can inform how you reorient your office and tools to make sure your workers are equipped to do their best work.

It gets better.

Not only does Hopewell provide you up to 91 data points per person, it also is significantly less expensive and faster than other options. Having a workplace consultant come in to do interviews with select team members can be a heavy investment, take a long time, and isn't representative of all worker's experience

With Hopewell Align, the assessment takes about ten minutes per person, is representative of everyone, and can be compiled with informative data within weeks. After changes are made, the assessments can be taken again to see if the changes made improved the work experience of your team members.

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