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Well-Being Vs. Wellness

Employee wellness looks not just at reducing absence from work through illness, but also how to proactively encourage and promote healthier lifestyles and attitudes in the workplace.

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In 2023 we expect to continue to see an increased focus on workplace health and wellness. Since the COVID pandemic forced many to work from home, there has been a plethora of data and research comparing it to working in the office. From the productivity aspect to mental health and wellness there was a large dump of research. People need incentives to coming back to the office, a humancentric workplace is a great place to start.

This Importance of Well-Being

A survey done by MillerKnoll found that well-being is one of the largest factors when employees are considering coming to the office. When you have positive work environment, employees are less stressed and more productive. There are so many distractions in the traditional office, it is so important to create spaces where focused work can be done. Distractions lead to disengaged and stressed workers, which can negatively impact one’s mental health. Designing both collaborative and focused spaces can really help your team get what they need to do done.

Wellness vs Well-Being

Typically, these words are used interchangeably but there is a difference that is important to remember. Wellness usually focuses on our physical health, well-being encompasses a more holistic approach by taking into consideration psychological needs, mental needs, and the physical needs of a person. Adding sit-to-stand desks, ergonomic chairs, and treadmills are all great ways to incorporate a more positive workplace culture. It is also important to take initiative to have options for supporting employee's mental health. There are many resources available to help create your own Well-Being Standard for your company. Using the Well Certified, WELL Building Checklist is a fantastic way to start!

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