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Include Wellness in Your Workplace Formula

When we consider the topic of wellness in the workplace, it really boils down to happiness–and employee happiness is rooted in trust and respect.

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We need to think of the workplace like a math problem. We know the end-result that we want. To figure out how to solve the formula, we need to work backwards to confirm what the components are.

One factor that has become more prevalent is the awareness of wellness. And with it a realization that it isn’t some passing trend, it is a need for employees everywhere. In almost every return-to-work survey, we see the term wellness listed as one of the main demands for going back. The cliché 40-hour work week is being thrown out, as well as unhealthy workplace cultures; leading many to walk away from jobs that required it.

Employees today are dealing with a lot- burnout, isolation, and mental health with deep concerns about the state of our world today. Leaders that brush aside the issues surrounding wellness are inviting its negative effects upon their organization, especially in the areas of productivity and talent retention. Dedicating attention to a progressive wellness environment is a way to gain competitive advantage with employees who prioritize the same thing.

It’s more than natural light in the office or two weeks paid vacation. The formula now includes C-Suite leadership and human resources to immerse wellness into the culture of the office. It goes beyond physical elements; emotional traits are needed to contribute to the productivity of an organization for quality output. Traits such as positivity, community, identity, and purpose.

The result we want is happy and fulfilled employees. So, as you view the formula for your workplace, the process of finding your solution may look different.

The answer is not to roll out a generic wellness program with perks and features, but to focus on creating an approach that is specifically tailored to the culture and behavior of your own organization.

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