Modular Solutions

Prefabricated walls are built according to your construction plans, and delivered directly to your site for a quick and economical installation.

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The Buildscapes division of Workscapes partners with building owners, developers, general contractors, and the A&D community. General contractors choose our dedicated team when seeking a competitive edge. Whether striving to maintain construction schedules, dealing with labor shortages, or pressure to eliminate cost overruns, Workscapes recognizes the mounting pressures for the construction industry.

Building Spaces to Match Your Mission

Buildscapes comes to you in partnership with technology-driven manufacturers to help you customize your interior space. We understand that traditional construction is fraught with delays, labor shortages, and cost overruns. We are an expert team
that embraces design, performance, speed, sustainability, and long-term adaptability. In conjunction with our partners, we leverage to simplify the face of construction with the ultimate goal to achieve qualitative environments on time and on budget.

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Built environments shouldn’t be static. DIRTT builds dynamic spaces that adapt and evolve in response to changing needs. Spaces built with DIRTT’s construction system are customizable for Day One and adaptable on Day Two and beyond.


Everything Frasch does starts with the goal of improving peoples’ experience in community spaces, be it work environments, educational spaces, or even healthcare and hospitality environments. Frasch's thoughtfully designed acoustical elements will transform your space.


The basic task of a wall is to segment space and provide privacy. Genius® architectural wall does that and more, creating highly functional spaces that promote efficiency and productivity. With an unlimited offering of options, materials, textures, colors, door styles, and configurations, Genius architectural wall offers the design flexibility to create unmatched visual impact.


Adotta is a manufacturer, innovator, and leader in the commercial demountable partition marketplace. During its fifteen-year existence, it has manufactured, managed, and installed over 700 projects, all of which have been executed to successful completion. The projects have ranged from small office suites to multiple floors in large-scale buildings and developments.


TEILEN System Walls, LLC. is a company with over 40 years of industry experience in the United States, Europe, and Latin America dedicated to the comprehensive design of office environments always looking for exceptional quality, with advanced technology and despite the high value of its physical components, is highly competitive and their solutions are economically logical.


Cavart can bring your design vision to life. If you can dream it, Cavart can do it. It provides not only a curated selection of refined materials with a palette of possibilities in transparency, texture, pattern, color, and reflectivity, but also high-quality, modern systems in which to showcase them. Imagination comes to life in timeless and elegant form and function.

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Buildscapes Trade Codes

Building Trade Codes are an important tool for ensuring effective communication and interpretation of information. For Workscapes, incorporating trade codes into our processes and training our employees in their use helps to ensure successful project outcomes.

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