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Shifts in Higher Education

The pandemic started many movements and one being an emphasis on mental health. More than ever institutions are looking at how their design choices can impact one’s mental being.


Post-pandemic many universities and colleges around the US are working to focus on creating flexibility in their spaces. Online learning has had a large impact on students and professors all around the world, and it will not be slowing down. This means there is an emphasis on collaboration, cross-training, and designing more flexible spaces. You will see that institutions are reviewing what they learned throughout the pandemic and finding ways to better their systems to benefit the students and faculty.

When considering the mental well-being of students and faculty it's important to consider where they spend most of their time. Is it in a dark lecture hall with no natural light, a dated library with little to no tech integration, or rooms with drab neutral colors?
Imagine how natural lighting, bright thoughtful colors, and new technologies may inspire and uplift. There are so many ways to use design to increase productivity, encourage new ideas, and awaken the mind. Workscapes' incredible design teams can assist in repurposing your current furniture to create a fresh look or can help in fully redesigning your space.

Technology Shift

Many institutions have upgraded or renovated their classrooms and other learning spaces and will continue to do so (e.g., making spaces hybrid-capable with updated AV equipment and integration with Zoom). Some have implemented new student engagement platforms (e.g., CRM, online tutoring, advising, wellness tools) and/or adopted additional support technologies and tools (e.g., lecture-capture technology, plagiarism-detection tools, analytics tools, and platforms, vertical market products). Institutions have largely shifted away from desktops in favor of laptops and have adopted or are in the process of considering different LMS options that work well with hybrid and online learning methods.

At Workscapes we are experienced in integrating technology into the spaces where we work, learn, and heal. Whether you need to revamp your library with innovative DIRTT walls with integrated screens to help students study better or create a zoom-capable collaborative meeting space- Workscapes can be there every step of the way.

Learn more about our Educations Portfolio or get in contact with your local team today via our website.

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