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Does Your Space Need the Silent Treatment?

In today's modern workplaces, sound masking is becoming an increasingly popular solution for reducing unwanted noise and improving overall productivity.

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In today’s workplace, preferences are all over the place. Some would like to work fully remotely, others need the collaboration that meeting in an office provides. Employers also find themselves deciding between the two extremes, as there are pros and cons to both. It comes down to defining what productivity looks like for your space and your employees. Collaboration is not the sole component of productivity, there are other factors to be considered. Is it comfort? Focus areas? Better technology? Consistent onboarding? It’ll take some trial and error to find the perfect mix for your organization.

Gone are the open floor plans or rows of cubicles. Working from home provides a level of focus and comfort that is hard to replicate in an office. Workplace acoustics are on the rise as a creative solution to a traditional problem: noise.

Sound affects our moods, well-being, and even productivity. Even though open floor plans encourage collaboration and creativity they often miss the mark when it comes to acoustics. Air, light, and sound are crucial to our well-being and need to be prioritized in any design. There are a lot of benefits to acoustical products in your space. Privacy, increased focus, and less distraction, to name a few. The more sound that is captured in proximity to the conversation, the less will transfer to neighboring areas. A line of sight to a neighboring area can be blocked by a wall. A ceiling can be covered so noise doesn’t travel. Acoustics can also be designed in a certain way, so you won’t even know they are there.

Sound masking is a highly effective and beneficial solution for creating a more comfortable and productive working environment. By utilizing workplace acoustic concepts, the office has a continued chance to be an attractive and productive place where employees will be comfortably focused on their work.

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