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The "Next Normal" of Construction has Arrived

The pandemic has been an opportunity for the construction sector to take a step away from traditional methods and move toward off-site, manufacturing-style prefabrication.


The construction sector has been one of the slowest to adapt to new business methods. Some shifts were slowly beginning to take place prior to the pandemic, but the need to rapidly adjust space in commercial and healthcare areas forced the industry to rethink how it is building today - and the future.

Prefabricated solutions are gaining traction thanks to advanced technologies, which have led to higher quality materials, design flexibility, improved productivity, at a lower cost. It is not a one-size-fits-all for every project. This highly customizable solution is a huge asset to helping architects achieve what they envision. Even though the framework remains consistent, there is no need to sacrifice quality or style.

Off-site manufacturing is often mistakenly thought as more expensive than traditional routes. Once you factor in the versatility of design long term- enabling space to be reused in different ways-the savings become clear. There are less on-site needs for labor, which reduces timelines by 20% to 50%. This next normal of construction considers the totality of the project and the different trades that are affected. With this lens you get a more realistic view of the cost of the system versus traditional construction.

Given the flexibility, savings, and reduced risk of modular and prefab construction, it’s clear why the industry will continue to gain traction in the coming years.

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