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Prefabrication – Efficiency is less expensive

With prefabrication custom is standard. This may seem expensive, but the efficiency and future flexibility of modular construction saves you money in the long term.

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As a DIRTT's authorized partner, we work alongside your project team to translate the design vision into DIRTT solutions. Instead of picking from a catalogue of off-the-shelf options, every part, material and finish is selected, sized, and manufactured to meet the form and functionality you need.

When thinking about custom made, people often see the dollars adding up. However, there are many savings that people often miss.

1. The Cost of Time

Every general contractor and architect knows that unforseen issues stall construction. Delays can rack up costs that may not have been in the budget originally. With prefabrication, all materials are manufactured off site and installed with quick precision. DIRTT modular construction is manufactured in 21 days or less and installed rapidly.

Compared to traditional construction, the drastically reduced time to have your facility up and running can mean huge savings. Get your people in the space and working as quick as possible!

2. Minimal Mistakes

DIRTT's manufacturing software captures all aspects of the design with precise calculations. It then translates the measurements and requirements directly to the factories where every part of the space is included in an exact calculation of the price.

Minimal punch? Every facilities manager's dream.

3. Future flexibility

If you choose to do a full floorplate solution with modular construction, not only is the cost comparable to traditional construction, you can also modify your floorplate to your future needs. Spaces built with DIRTT look and perform like permanent interiors, but can be adapted with ease. The modular approach lets you reconfigure with little disruption or downtime. Integrate new technology or make micro-­improvements to accommodate changing needs. Minimal to no permitting is needed for changes, so moving forward with your needed changes can be quick and efficient.

4. Various Price Points

Modular construction options are not one-size-fits-all. There are various price points of solutions available for every budget. Since manufacturers are able to purchase most materials in bulk, the prices can be discounted for the end user and aid in the overall budget.

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