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Fast and Scalable Feedback from Your Team

Feedback on your team's work experience may be an easy process with a small team, but if you plan on growing, you need to think ahead.

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If you have a small team, it might be easy to get feedback from your team on their work experience. You can pop by each department and get a general sense of what is working and what is needed. If your team is a little bigger, consultants who come in and interview select team members can be helpful to discover what is working with your work experience and what needs to change.

What happens if you continue to grow? That consultant's price tag get higher and higher, takes longer and longer, and becomes less and less representative of your team's perspective. While some team members may be able to share their gripes with your project management software or the lack of collaborative spaces, others may have a vastly different experience and opinion. How do you get feedback from everyone that is representative, fast, and scalable?

Introducing Hopewell

We at Workscapes have recently partnered with Hopewell. Hopewell Align is a workplace assessment that provides actionable insights on the practices, tools, and environments that are empowering or hindering your employees’ ability to reach peak performance at work. They've applied the concepts of consumer research to the workplace. Highly researched questions will provide data to make informed decisions on how to best support your workers. Answers are compiled afterword into a dashboard with actionable data.

The process is quick and painless. In just a few weeks, you can have up to 91 data points per person. While your team may get bigger, the process involved does not get longer. The assessment takes about ten minutes per person, no matter how many people it is sent to.

What's even better is that you can have measurable data on how well changes have worked. You can have your people take assessments before and after changes to compare worker satisfaction. You can also provide regular assessments to make sure your teams needs are being met as your company grows.

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