Data Driven Decisions

Many employees are not in a hurry to return to the office. Companies everywhere are shifting their focus from a hiring to a retention edge. How you ask? By creating a desirable work experience.

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Our lives are run on data. We rely on it for a million different purposes. From personal data on our phones to professional data on our consumers, it’s all about customization. We notice an obvious lack of personalization when it come to the workplace. Corporations can become so focused on the output they are producing; they forget to implement any input within their walls.

Most organizations believe they have a good gauge of where their employees stand. Most enlist the help of surveys and quarterly conversations but lack actionable data to follow through on. Having a functional work experience is less about how people feel, and more about how equipped they are to get work done and done well.

Asking the right questions to gather the right data is crucial.

Introducing Hopewell

We at Workscapes have recently partnered with Hopewell. Hopewell is a work assessment tool that applies the concepts of consumer research to the office. This assessment provides actionable insights on the practices, tools, and environments of the work experience with up to 91 data points per person.

The Hopewell Work Experience assessment can provide insights in just a few weeks and is inclusive with feedback coming from every person and every department. Workers can anonymously respond to the assessment in as little as ten minutes. This data can be broken down and evaluated from many different angles to get answers to questions about your workers experience and give you the data you need to make informed and successful decisions on your work environment.

Need Help Using Your Data Insights?

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