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3 Ways 2021 Workplace Changes Drive the Need for an Elastic Interior

What are the factors driving the need for flexibility in your workplace this year? Here are 3 reasons you’ll want to make sure you have an elastic interior.

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You may have heard the phrase “change is the only constant.” This rings true in business and even in your office. The office is no longer the vast farmhouse of individual workstations that it used to be, and the only certain thing about its future is that it will continue to shift and change.

You need something that will be up to the challenge of meeting these shifts and changes. You need an elastic interior. Your space needs to grow and stretch and change as your office needs do. Planning for change will save you time and money, not to mention headaches.

Here are three ways that workplace changes in 2021 are driving the need for an elastic interior.

1. The "Workplace" is no longer just one place

Technology has advanced so much that most types of work can be done from anywhere. The accelerated move to remote working during the pandemic proved this. Work can be done in an office, at a coffee shop, at a dining table, or even while lying in bed – just don’t tell your supervisor.

Most work is no longer location specific, so the office plays a critical role in helping people do their best work. What drives people to do their best work can and will change. The office needs to provide spaces for focus work, collaboration, and creativity. Your space will need to easily adapt to the most current and prevalent needs of your team.

2. Office Leases are Getting Shorter

Traditionally, lease expirations and subsequently office relocations have driven offices to update their furniture. What happens when your lease is short enough that your furniture doesn’t need to be replaced?

The solution is planning ahead. Design your interior space with items that can be reconfigured and reused so that they can move with you.

3. The workforce's expectations are changing

Workforce expectations have been changing for a while now; the pandemic just accelerated this. The door to remote work has been blown open, and the realities of what work looks like are varied.

In general, we are moving toward a more “human-centered” workplace. If you want to attract and retain top talent, it’s important to provide a work environment that is agile and allows for people to do their best work.

Looking for the numbers?

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